» We provide daily cash-out service from 2PM to 10PM.
» Every customer can withdraw once a day.
» No additional charges required.
» We preferred MAYBANK and DBS, cash-out guarantee complete in 30minutes.


1. Contact us for cash-out service.
2. Provide us with your login id(no password required), bank detail and withdraw amount.
3. After account verification, the amount will be transfer into your bank account in 30minutes.
4. You will be notitify upon transaction complete.
5. Meanwhile, you account will be reset accordingly.

Question: How to join vwin8888 Casino member?
Answer: You only need to contact our customer service. In 15 minutes, we will provide you with a member account.

Question: How to deposit?
Answer: We have several major banks that you can deposit anytime. After verification by our management, the amount will be deposited in your member account in a few minutes.

Question: When can I withdrawal?
Answer: You can request withdrawal on Monday to Sunday. Notification time is (24hours). Our company will be transfer into your designated bank account within 30 minutes.

Question: When can I deposit?
Answer: You can request deposits on Monday to Sunday. Deposit time is (24hours). Our company will be transfer into your designated bank account within 15 minutes.

Question: What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount in vwin8888 Casino?

Answer: In vwin8888 Casino minimum deposit amount at least MYR50. If the amount of your withdrawal less than MYR50, you will be charged MYR5 for administrative costs.

Question: How many bonus I can get when I deposit?

Answer: Immediately deposit and get 20% bonus of deposit amount.

Question: If I need further assistance?
Answer: Please contact our customer service, thank you!